You Get It All!

Source Code Management

Everybody knows that Git is simply the best SCM/VCS out there! But we also know why! Take a look!

Code Review

It's by far the most effective way to boost the quality of your codebase and the productivity of developers.

Continuous Integration

This is a no brainer: automate all the things! And delivering a fast feedback is crucial to keep the focus sharp.


Highly integrated tools

Our SSO server and our custom addons and settings to these great Open Source tools will make you feel right at home. That's a few months of hard and painfull fine-tuning off your shoulders!

Security is not optional

Every single communication between your desk and Gitgear is encrypted and protected by secure connections. And your Gitgear server is yours and yours only: you are not sharing it with anybody!

It lives in the cloud

Any cloud! Gitgear is flexible and allows you to choose between public cloud and your own premises.

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