Jenkins Users! Rejoice!

The GitGear Extreme Feedback Device

A Device for You!

Our guiding vision is helping you to deliver better software, faster.

Towards that goal we build the latest research and thinking on software quality and productivity into all our products. Whether you use our cloud based development platform, attend our trainings, or purchase one of our fast feedback lamps, you are supporting our efforts to improve the state of applied software development.

If you're the kind of developer, build manager or team leader who constantly checks your Jenkins dashboard to stay absolutely on top of your build and test quality, constantly following up with co-workers that break the build, then we have made this device for you.

If you're the kind of developer who gets incredibly frustrated when someone else checks in code that doesn't even compile, let alone pass unit tests, then we have made this device for you.

The Value of Fast Feedback

Feedback is arguably the most powerful way to improve the quality of any process or operation. Just imagine walking or driving blindfolded. Almost all systems depend on feedback to improve outcome. What if you could shorten that feedback loop to the point where a build or unit test failure will be instantly visible to everyone in your team?

We've deployed many prototypes of these lamps to our customers, and in the process have received brilliant feedback ourselves. Now we're ready to launch. We're not expecting to sell millions, but we are so positively surprised by their effectiveness that we really want to share them with the entire Jenkins community.

Lamp Closeup
Jenkins Plugin

Easy to Use!

With the lamp we also designed a Jenkins plugin that will make it extremely easy to set up your environment.

Just install the extreme-feedback plugin.

Whether your Jenkins instance runs on the cloud (hopefully with Gitgear!) or behind a firewall, the lamp and the plugin will find a way to communicate with each other.

A Tinkerers's Dream

Based on the amazing Raspberry Pi, with a custom shield and its laser-cut enclosure, this device is the dream of every tinkerer

Built by geeks for geeks, this device is designed to be hackable. The easiest way to get started is to log into the Raspberry Pi with ssh by using the default Raspberry Pi username and password. Then

cd switchgearsxfd
and have a look at, that should get you started hacking the device.


Jenkins XFD Lamp Kit 1

The Kit contains:

1 year limited, customer pays return shipping.
VAT/ Tax/ Legal notes:
You may only purchase this device for use in a professional/ corporate/ company setting, it is not intended for personal/ private use. VAT is only added to orders shipped within Denmark.